Silverback-RC Beadlock Screw Set (40)

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Beadlock screws.

40 PCs

For those of you who are sick of beadlock screws disappearing completely, or just loosening these may be just what you want. Silverback RC products proudly presents our very own beadlock screws. These 10.9 grade carbon steel cap headed bolts are manufactured to the same diameter as the standard HPI beadlock screws (#4 sized) but come with an ultra coarse threaded area that's 12mm in length.

The unique thread of these screws 'bites' on to the plastic and significantly reduce the possibility of any screws coming out from your wheels and any failures as a indirect result of this. For the weight conscious amongst you these screws will offer a weight saving versus using nuts & bolts to hold the outer beadlock rings on. 

Sold as a set of 40. Head size is 3/32 standard.

Optional 3/32" L-Key Allen Wrench Available.