Silverback RC Monkey Nuts for Losi 5ive / DBXL

Silverback RC
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Silverback RC Monkey Nuts.

for N-R-P Ultron SC - Losi 5ive T / DBXL

Avaiable in the collors

  • Bleu
  • Gun metal
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White

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Our fully enclosed wheel nuts (aka Monkey Nutz) are made from a unique blend of Kevlar reinforced ballistic grade polymers with added impact modifiers. An enclosed wheel nut will keep the dirt out and protect the exposed thread area from impact damage. The material also benefits your vehicle by absorbing impact energy, thus lessening the amount of impact energy transferred through to the hubs (damaging threads). This reduction of impact energy can also prolong the life of your hub carriers, and reduces fatigue of the hub carrier bearings.

The version 2 now has a Kevlar & glass fibre reinforced composition, making these incredibly durable. The threads are also machined after the moulding process, resulting in an ultra strong thread, and almost zero tolerance between parts. All of these benefits for a tiny increase in weight over the stock Losi wheelnut. (5.91grams for the Silverback RC nut versus 5.47 grams for the Losi, & 3.85grams for the HPI stock nut. One of our beadlock screws weigh 0.61grams for comparision).