2 stroke oils

Motul oil Kart Grand Prix 2T 100% synthetisch

100% synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology, specially designed for 2 stroke engines running at extremely rev’s up to 23.000 rpm.


elf HTX 909 castor synthetische 2 stroke oil1ltr.

ELF HTX 909 is a lubricant specially developed for 2-stroke competition engines used exclusively in a blend with leaded or unleaded petrol. Thanks to its high content in specially selected ricinus oil, ELF HTX 909 provides exceptional protection against gripping. ELF HTX 909 is used for 2-stroke leaded and unleaded petrol engines running at very high speeds (up to 25,000 rpm).


Putoline 2 stroke oil Ester Tech RS 959 1ltr.

RS 959 is a fully synthetic engine oil with revolutionary Ester Tech additive. The product guarantees an exceptional film strength and pressure absorption even under the most extreme race conditions.

RS 959 is particularly suitable for premix or injection 2-stroke engines which operate in extremely severe race conditions.